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Vintage Watches

Are vintage Watches more accurate than Quartz Watches?

The answer to this, generally, is NO. The most accurate mechanical chronometer is accurate to a few seconds per day which is generally surpassed by quartz technology. The reason to buy a Vintage Watch is a matter of personal taste but you should also consider the following: rarity, beauty, craftsmanship, quality of construction, and the knowledge that many hours of labour have gone into their making. Vintage watches have character & uniqueness, something rarely found in a new quartz watch.

Do Vintage Watches gain value?
Like anything else vintage watches are subject to the vagaries of the market and prices can go up or down but the definite trend is up. As some watches got broken, lost or damaged over the years their rarity has increased. Moreover the collecting of vintage watches is definitely a growing pastime as more people appreciate their intrinsic beauty. Depending on the Brand and Model, purchasing a timepiece can even be a very profitable investment.


What does the water resistance rating really mean?
Water resistance is normally expressed in meters. This rating is only theoretical and refers to the depth that a watch will keep water out if the watch and water are both motionless. These conditions never really exist in real life because the user's arm movement dramatically increases the pressure on the watch, along with the water moving itself. The chart below should help you understand how deep you can really go with your watch. Measurement Units: 1 meter is about 3.3 feet / 1 ATM (atmosphere) or bar is about 10 meters Technically, 1 atm = 14.7 psi = 1.03 kilograms per square centimeter = 1 bar If a watch is labeled only "water-resistant." it can withstand splashes of water but should not be submerged in any water.50 meters: suitable for brief water exposure 100 meters: suitable for standard swimming pools 200 meters: suitable for recreational scuba diving 1,000 meters: (roughly three-fifths of a mile).Vintage Watches should not be put in a sauna or a hot tub since the exposure to heat can easily make the gaskets lose their shape and ability to keep water and dust out. Vintage Watches should not be worn in the bath/shower. The soap suds reduce the surface tension of the rubber gasket in the watch, which allows water to get in. The soap can also damage the seal itself. So we highly recommend you do not bathe with your watch.
What are the different types of movements for watches available?
Automatic Watches: A rotor on the movement keeps the watch powered by the motion on your wrist. If worn every day, an automatic watch will run perpetually. Automatic watches generally have hundreds of parts inside their small cases. If an automatic watch has stopped, it is best to wind it via the crown 20-25 times to give it a good kick start. If not wound manually, wrist motion is generally not enough to keep it running accurately. Note: Many watches have a screw-down crown that must be released. Quartz Watches: The quartz movement became common in the 70's. They are powered by a battery and need minimal maintenance, possibly only a battery change every year or two. They are highly accurate. We recommend that you have the battery checked every two years by a competent watchmaker. When the battery is changed, have the watchmaker ensure the watch is pressure-tight to withstand dust and moisture.Manual Wind Watches: A manual wind watch must be wound every one or two days by the crown in order to run. Even with that perceived inconvenience, they are still produced in Switzerland and can even be found on watches well over 25000AED. Many collectors find them highly desirable. It is easier to make a thinner and lighter watch without the self-winding mechanism. Some unique movements can reserve up to 8 days of power and will usually have a power-reserve indicator on the dial. Note: Many watches have a screw-down crown that must be released and make sure you don’t over-wind it.
  What are the different crystals on Vintage Watches?
Plastic is the least expensive and commonly found on vintage watches and many modern watches. These crystals can get scratched with the time , however they are cheap to replace and easy to buff scratches out. Sapphire is the most expensive and the most scratch resistant crystal. It can only be scratched by diamonds and other surfaces with a mineral hardness of 10. They are generally over 700 AED to replace and basically impossible to buff any scratches out. Since they are so hard, they are more likely to shatter on heavy impacts than a plastic crystal. A mineral crystal is between plastic and sapphire in cost and scratch resistance. It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between mineral and sapphire without taking a steel knife to the crystal to test it (not recommended!
Do I need to take special care of my Vintage Watch?
Yes, vintage watches have not lasted for decades if their owner did not look after them. Vintage watches are not as robust as modern watches. We would not recommend wearing a vintage watch if indulging in physical sport, manual labor or any activity where the watch may be subject to physical abuse. Although some vintage watches are described as "waterproof" or  "water resistant" this property is very likely to have diminished with the years so a vintage watch should not be worn whilst swimming or washing the dishes. We would also recommend removing your watch before washing or showering. Soap is an abrasive and unkind to the materials used in the manufacture of vintage watches.Vintage watches mostly contain mechanical movements and we recommend they are regularly serviced every couple of years. Our watchmaker will be happy to assist & the cost will be well worth it.Look after your vintage watch & it will repay you with many years loyal service & appreciating value
What is the difference between a Chronograph and a Chronometer?
A chronograph is a watch that has a stopwatch function. Typically, the top pusher will start and stop the chronograph. The bottom pusher will reset it. The chronograph generally can not reset in the running state. Special Flyback models allow the Chronograph to be reset at any time. A chronometer is a watch that has passed a series of tests, and is a superior timekeeper. Many watchmakers will put their movements through this test to illustrate their accuracy. The dial will typically have the word "Chronometer" or "Chronometre" on the dial. To become a chronometer, the watch movement must pass 15 days of severe tests. The accuracy of the movement is checked in 5 different positions at varied temperatures. This simulates conditions under which the watch might be worn. The watch must average between +6 and -4 seconds per day in order to earn the certification.
Do Vintage Watches have to be expensive?
Definitively some Vintage Watches are really valuable and you can say they are investment but the starting range can sometimes be much lower than you might expect. How many guys would love to own an Omega or a Longines but could never afford a new model. Now you can purchase a vintage model at a fraction of the price of a new one but with ten times the character.


Is it possible to return a watch after purchasing it?
Yes, you can. If the watch is being returned within one week after it has been sold, is in unworn working condition then we are happy to issue a voucher of the amount you paid.
Does Momentum repair and service watches?
All watches needs special care and handling. Over time, watches, like cars, need regular care and maintenance.For maximum efficiency and to prevent damage, make sure your watch is serviced regularly. Mechanical parts in the watch need oil which keeps the watch running. From time to time this oil will dry out. Watch parts which are not freshly lubricated can be abraded by friction. Friction can create a fine metal dust that will act as an abrasive. A watch should be serviced every three to four years, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. The watch will be opened by our skilled watchmaker and the movement will be cleaned in different steps. All the parts are checked for wear and replacements will be made where necessary. Then the movement will be re-assembled, re-lubricated and regulated. The case and bracelet will be cleaned ultrasonically and polished. If the watch is marked "Water Resistant", it will also be checked for water-tightness. As watches wear, their ability to resist water can diminish. Gaskets—the rubber rings that seal the back of the watch to the case— may lose some of their elasticity and case parts like crystal, case tube and crown may become worn or slightly damaged. Our expert watchmaker can prevent these dangers by making sure your watch remains water resistant. Always make sure, if you wear a water resistant sport watch, that the crown you opened to set the watch is screwed down or closed tightly as this is a common error causing unexpected water damage to ‘water resistant’ watches. If your watch is not “Water Resistant”, avoid ALL contact with water.Complete overhauls include disassembly and cleaning of the entire movement, replacement of worn or faulty parts, and oiling and regulating of the movement to manufacturer’s specifications. Watch repairs are warrantied for six months. We also offer the convenience of having a battery changed on quartz watches while you wait! In addition, we test water-resistant watches in a special machine to ensure that your watch maintains the integrity of the water-resistant system. We will advise if periodic maintenance is required.  We refinish watch cases and watch bracelets as well as ultrasonically clean them. This can be done on any brand name watch.
Can Momentum source a watch for me?
Working with our extensive network of partners, colleagues and contacts developed over the past 15 years, we are able to locate specific brands and designers at your request. If you want to have a watch which is missing in your collection or which is hard to get, then please get in touch with us.
Does Momentum sell leather straps for all watch brands?
Our variety on leather straps in different finishing, size, leather and color is the largest in the UAE and exclusive to Momentum. The products are 100% Made in Germany and are manufactured with a great love for the detail. Depending on the model, the experienced bag makers perform 85 different steps before the strap is finished.  No matter which brand your watch has, we can have a customized leather strap exclusively made according your preferences. We can provide leather straps for all watches, even for watches with unusual measures of antique watches.
To have a warranty on Vintage Watches sounds too good, what’s the catch?
There isn't one. It's simple really. All watches sold by Momentum are inspected and serviced by our skilled watchmaker. If you get a good service from us you are happy more likely to do business with us in the future. You also tell your friends what a great service you got & so the word spreads. Our Business grows based on Quality of Product & Service and everyone is happy. It's a Win-Win scenario.


Is Momentum an official Agent for a Watch Brand?
We are not an official dealer for specific watch brands but are offering a wide variety of the major brands you know. Further, we have some interesting pieces made by brands which don’t exist anymore
Can I be sure if the watches offered my Momentum are real?
Yes, you can. Every watch is uniquely selected and inspected by our watchmaker. We deliver our watches with a Warranty Certificate which assures the authenticity.
Where does Momentum source watches?
We source our watches from all over the world. With our strong international network of dealers, collectors and watchmakers we are able to source almost all kinds of watches. Kindly let us know if you are looking for a watch you are not able to find on the market, we will be pleased to help you to get it.
Can I reserve a timepiece I have seen on the Momentum Website?
If you are seriously interested in a watch shown on the Momentum Website then you can send us an email or call us in order to reserve it for 3 days. The watch will still be shown on the website and presented to clients in the store but will remain reserved for you until the date we agreed on.
Do your watches come with original box and papers?
Depending on the age of the watch sometimes it is almost impossible to deliver a watch with original box and paper. Despite in some cases the watches have the original box and papers available, it increases the value of a Vintage Watch.
Can I buy a gift voucher at Momentum?
We sell gift vouchers starting at a value of 250 AED. The voucher will be presented in a nice envelope and the recipients will be able to use it on every service Momentum offers.Just to give you an idea for a gift for your beloved, a watch which was made in the same year as she or he was born is simply mind blowing.
 What payment methods does Momentum accept?
We accept all kinds of credit and debit cards, and cash