Watchmaker Services

We specialize in the servicing and repairing of classic and vintage timepieces of almost all brands including those with mechanical complications.

Servicing & Repairing

Servicing is an important part of maintaining the condition and value of your watch. MOMENTUM recommends servicing your watch every three to four years to avoid damage or deterioration

We also offer complete overhaul services, which include disassembly and cleaning of the entire movement, replacement of worn or faulty parts, and oiling and regulating of the movement.  Additionally, the watchcase and bracelet will be ultrasonically cleaned and polished. Watch repairs are warrantied by MOMENTUM for six months.

We also offer the convenience of having a battery changed on quartz watches while you wait. In addition, we test water-resistant watches in a special machine to ensure that your watch maintains the integrity of the water-resistant system. We will advise if periodic maintenance is required.

Please contact us with any maintenance or service related questions here.

We are proud to offer Watch Finder services. Working with our extensive network of partners, colleagues and contacts developed over the past 15 years, we can locate rare or hard to find watches. We also offer Watch Finder services to locate vintage watches produced in the year of you or a loved ones birth. Simply send us an email with details of the desired timepiece and we will follow up shortly.

We sell vintage and collectible timepieces on behalf of our clients and the public.

We will inspect and evaluate your watch or timepiece and propose a price to consign. This price is the amount you receive if it is sold with the consignment option. Once agreed upon, a consignment contract is drawn up with the amount you will receive upon sale of the item.

If the watch or timepiece is interesting for our inventory, we will offer you an amount for buying the watch right away. We provide a warranty of “twelve” months with every watch sold through us, hence very timepiece on consignment will be inspected and serviced by our skilled watchmaker. Arising costs have to be drawn by the consignor, and the property remains yours until it is sold and paid for. The watch is insured while in Momentum's possession. Once the item is sold the payment is made to you immediately.