In Excess: Diamond Watches

Oscar Wilde - and most recently Lady Violet Crawley of Downton Abbey - famously said: ‘Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess’.

That is certainly the case when it comes to diamond watches, which have been a big trend in the diamond industry for over a decade and have become a staple of ‘discreet ostentation’ at all famed  maisons de l'horlogerie.  It’s easy to see the appeal, after all diamonds are dazzling.  


Here‘s a selection of some truly superb diamond watches that pack a great deal of ‘sparkle’:


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Hublot’s US$5 million Big Bang

Hublot's unique diamond-crusted Big Bang is the most ‘precious’ timepiece created in the brand’s 32-year history and probably amongst today’s watches as well.

What makes it so expensive? You guessed it: diamonds. Over 1,282 of them to be precise, totalling 100 carats in baguettes alone, all of grade A VVS clarity. The 44mm 18K white gold case is packed with 302 baguette diamonds, the dial holds another 179 baguettes, whilst the bracelet is set with a staggering 782 baguette diamonds, and six emerald-cut diamonds, all greater than 3 carats each.


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Blancpain Spécialités Tourbillon Diamonds Watch, $1,342,700

Hard to take your eyes off the Blancpain Spécialités Tourbillon Diamants: an over-the-top luxury timepiece, featuring a complex pattern with very intricate jewel work. The 40mm white gold case features over 20 carats of diamonds, with 571 stones totalling 14.15 carats, and a dial that adds another 164 diamonds and 5.17 carats. The automatic caliber 25A tourbillon movement is composed of 238 components with 29 jewels with a 168-hour power reserve.


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Rolex GMT 116769TBR Ice, $485,350

The most expensive watch ever produced by Rolex, the GMT 116769TBR Ice comes in a stunning 18k white gold and features a plethora of dazzling diamonds, from a diamond-filled bracelet to baguette diamond-accented center links and round brilliant diamond-encrusted sides. It boasts 76 brilliant round-cut diamonds set into its case and lugs alone. The splendid white gold bezel is set with perfect baguette diamonds and the dial is shielded by scratch-proof sapphire crystal. But it’s not all looks with Rolex, there’s also functionality: the watch offers a 50-hour power reserve and it’s water resistant at 100m... you know in case you go for a swim!

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