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All mechanical watches require periodic service every 3-5 years to maintain the longevity of the watch, even if the watch is running fine. Parts wear out and need replacement or repair with original spare parts. For vintage watches in particular, the right care over a period of time will ensure they are running smoothly is essential to retain their aesthetic and economic value.

Once your watch has arrived in our Service Center, our team will inspect it and provide you with an estimated time and cost for the requested work. From basic services to extensive overhauls and repairs, our watchmakers have the expertise to service your watch to your satisfaction.

At Momentum, we respect the entire history of watchmaking (even the quartz-powered age) and are equipped to service all quartz watches and give them a fresh battery.

A battery change is a minor service that includes cleaning the battery contacts and depending on the watch, a water pressure test will be performed. For water adventures, the pressure test is a must but even in humid and dusty environments, this is a highly recommended step.

Polishing is the process of removing small scratches and light dents. Our workshop is equipped to bring worn watch cases and bracelets to their former glory. In serious cases of large dents or deformations resulting from an accident, we are able to reconstruct and detail parts of the case or bracelet using the same advanced technology that can be used to freshen up a watch.

When restoring vintage watches, polishing is very carefully considered in order to maintain the original condition of the watch. Our team will happily guide you on the best way to proceed with restoring your vintage watch.

Through years of wear and exposure to different environments, watches can tend to look dirty, dull and worn. In most cases, a thorough cleaning can result in making them look beautiful again - no polishing required. Our Watch Spa consists of six individual steps designed to bring the overall look of your watch back to its former glory.

1. Dismantle all case and bracelet parts
2. Ultrasonic cleaning in special cleaning liquids
3. Steam cleaning
4. Replacement of all case gaskets
5. Assembly of the case and bracelet
6. Water pressure test

Momentum offers an authentication service for all vintage and modern wristwatches, in order to assess potential purchases, for insurance purposes, or for your own records. The watch will undergo a full inspection conducted by skilled and experienced watchmakers. This will be reflected in a full Condition Report, along with an indication of replacement value.


Momentum offers a Fully Equipped Service Center

Momentum offers independent professional services for watches by our skilled and experienced Watchmaker. From vintage to modern and contemporary timepieces, we service and repair watches from most major brands. 

For vintage watches which need particular care and attention, maintaining them in original condition is essential in order to maintain their aesthetic and economic value. We are happy to take our time to consult with you on any potential work on your vintage watch and will provide our recommendations. 

From basic battery changes and bracelet resizing, to servicing, overhauling and major repairs, our watchmakers have the expertise to take care of your treasured time-teller.

Service Request

An estimation fee of AED 250 +VAT applies and is waived upon estimate approval. Minor jobs costing less will be done without estimation.

I would like to receive more information about Momentum's products, services, events, news and offers.

1Secure pickup charge of AED 30 is waived for all major services.

Our service centre uses genuine OEM replacement parts.

If you are looking to have your watch serviced, cleaned or appraised, fill in the form and our team will reach out.


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