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April saw the Middle East Film & Comic Con get underway in Dubai, turning the social spotlight on to all things related to superheroes, villains and cool powers and futuristic gadgets.

We at momentum are particularly interested in the awesome machines and gadgets associated with characters like Iron Man and Bruce Wayne. In February we ran an article about Superhero watches, including the incredible MB&F HM4, known as the ‘Horological Machine No 4 Thunderbolt’. The incredible artists and engineers at MB&F certainly have some watch-making superpowers, judging by the inspired range of unusual artworks they create.

It’s an oversight in styling, in our opinion, that more superheroes don’t wear interesting wristwatches, so we would like to point out one or two models that might fit the job.


 Picture from f1socialdiary

The Hublot Ferrari Tourbillon

 Now this is something you could imagine on the wrist of a hero. In 2013 Ferrari unveiled their flagship LaFerrari, and soon afterwards, Hublot followed with their incredible tribute to the supercar, engineered to be the perfect companion. The MP-05, also named LaFerrari, consists of 637 components, and 11 series-coupled barrels set in a spine down the center. It was actually designed in conjunction with the supercar, and it’s engineering parallels the lines and styling of the supercar to perfection. It even features cylinders, crafted from anodized black aluminum, with SuperLuminova markings.

Only 50 of these masterpieces were made, adding to its status as one of the rarest. Perhaps the superheroes who might choose this as their signature look might include The Flash, given his love of the color red, and his speed, or perhaps even the debonair Tony Stark, when he’s not in his Iron Man suit.


Picture from masterhorologer

 Urwerk Geneve’s UR-1001 Zeit Device


Staying with the futuristic and the incredible, this extraordinary device measures time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries and even millennia! Perfect for extraordinary characters like Dr. Manhattan, from the Watchmen, or the Silver Surfer, who might need something this complex, and actually have the longevity to use some of its functions.

This timepiece breaks the rules as far as design and complexity is concerned. The groundbreaking design features orbiting hours and calendars, and is finished with a unique circular grain, Geneva waves and a rhodium-plated baseplate. Designed with a hand-made, heat blackened steel-link chain, sapphire crystal and anti-reflective coating, this is something that belongs on the pages of a superhero story.


Picture from uniquewatchguide

Vianney Halter Deep Space

Along with all the superhero hype, fans of classic Sci-Fi legends such as Star Trek will also get their kicks at this year’s event. Vianney Halter has just the right chronograph for the deep space enthusiast. Breaking away from his Steam Punk style, and inspired by the spin-off series, Deep Space 9, this award-winning creation has a triple axis central tourbillon. It also includes 41 jewels, and has unique special peripheral curved hands. The strap is hand-sewn goat’s leather, with crocodile leather inserts. All the mechanics are displayed in a large domed sapphire crystal, beautifully showing the three tourbillons rotating at individual speeds.


With so many incredible feats of precision engineering available from the finest watchmakers on the globe, we feel that the world of superheroes has everything it needs to add a little finesse to their look. Imagine the Rolex Submariner, perfect for the more aquatic superhero, on the wrist of Aquaman! Part of being a superhero, of course, is saving the day, but you need to look great while doing it!

With the vast range of styles, from vintage to modern, we believe Superman, Batman and Spiderman could really use just the right timepiece to complement their superpowers.


Published at Esquire Online, May 2015

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