Since February 2011, Momentum Dubai has continued to grow and to become a recognized and leading regional dealer of classic and vintage timepieces and a maker and distributor of premium watch accessories to match the associated lifestyle.

Passion and Experience

We started Momentum with the goal of sharing our passion and enthusiasm for watches. We dedicate every day to building knowledge and experience, while fostering close relationships with our friends, clients, and the wider community of watch collectors in Dubai and beyond.

Globally Local

Based in the Dubai International Financial Center, yet embedded in the network of trusted international dealers from Hong Kong, and Singapore to London, Miami and Los Angeles. We work with collectors and watchmakers around the world to help you find the perfect watch and deliver it straight to you in Dubai, Doha or Riyadh.

Tailored Services

We understand the investment in a watch is a deeply personal one. Watch sourcing, servicing, hand-picked accessories, private sales, consignments, and appraisals: whether you are a seasoned collector or a fresh starter, we assist you along the way to a uniquely curated collection.

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