Thoroughbreds, Glamour and Fine Timepieces

March 28th 2015 is a very big day in Dubai. Four things will take center stage here – Thoroughbred horses, glamour, Longines watches, and of course, very large sums of money.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the world’s richest race day, the Dubai World Cup, and the total purse reaches the US $30 Million mark.  I have heard that the horse-racing world is abuzz with predictions about the final winners, and the leaders of the fashion world are all in a flutter, picking out the perfect outfits for the big day. As usual, glamour and horse racing are inseparable. This year’s event promises to be a real spectacle. Of course, a large part of the glamour aspect is also related to one of the Premier Partners to the event – Longines.

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The Dubai World Cup, held at the Meydan Racecourse, has a rich history, and every year the attendees are expected to include many of the Luminaries of the UAE, and many distinguished guests from around the globe. For me, this is always a very interesting event, both in terms of people, and timepieces.

Longines has an enduring link to the Equestrian world. As far back as 1878 they produced a timepiece engraved with a jockey and his mount. These fine chronographs have been around racetracks since 1881, becoming extremely popular among both racers and racing enthusiasts, and enabling their owners to time races with great precision. Longines claims that by 1886 most sport judges in New York were using their timepieces.

This year Longines is once again a premier partner to the high-status Dubai event. Fine watches of all makes and descriptions will, as always, provide the perfect accessories to the immaculately dressed individuals attending the races. Naturally, Longines is also the official time-keeper for the entire event.

In line with this, MOMENTUM is featuring a few special Longines watches this month.


The Czech Aviator

This historic chronometer wristwatch was produced for the Czech Air Force around 1948. It is also known as the "Tartarugone". From the first attempted Nazi invasion of the Sudetenland in 1938 the Czech Air Force was continually involved in World War II. The 67 regiments were seen as one of the best equipped forces in Europe.

There were three historic series made of these exceptional aviator’s watches. The first series features the caliber 15.94, the second series, 15.26ABC, and the third 15.68z. This particular piece is from the third series.

The iconic Tartarugone’s most memorable feature is the fine stainless steel casing, giving it both an enduring look and superlative durability. Combined with its outstanding accuracy, it is truly a fine piece of history.


The Longines 18k Gold with Enameled dial.

This refined timepiece was the very first to be equipped with the bi-directional automatic movement created by the masters at Longines in 1947. It has a 34mm case with wonderfully decorative lugs. One of the most striking features of this piece is the ornate enameled dial (au grand feu) in spectacular purple and the fine “perlage” or pearled outer ring. This true beauty has its origins in South America during 1953.



The Longines Gold 13zn

This highly sought-after chronograph is a magnificent addition to the collection. Originally sold in Switzerland during 1937, this makes it one of the earliest 13zn, and a rare find. The oversized case is 37,5mm in diameter, and manufactured out of 18kt Gold. The timeless design features square buttons and bluish leaf hands. The heavy patina on the two-tone silver dial gives this model the particular essence of its era, and is certainly going to catch the eye.


The Longines Waterproof 13zn

The 13zn is arguably the best Swiss timepiece ever produced. It is one of the most iconic watches that Longines ever designed, machined, produced and sold. Only 10,000 of these chronographs were ever produced, between 1936 and 1947, and only a handful of these were waterproof models. Very few of them have survived down to this day. Besides being so scarce, they were already far ahead of their time when they were crafted.

The 34mm case is in two parts, sealed with a high-pressure o-ring backing, and the two-tone dial features both an inner and outer helicoidal tachymeter.

So here for us at Momentum, as with all of Dubai, things are really heating up in preparation for the big event. The World Cup Carnival Program is already underway, with regular races taking place, building up to the World Cup Night on the 28th of this month. Race enthusiasts are everywhere, discussing all things Equestrian, examining the turf, and enjoying the varied entertainment program which goes along with the big show.

For me, of course, life continues to be about fine watches. This year’s World Cup will come and go, thousands of spectators will dress up, go to the track, and enjoy the spectacle; either win or lose, and then move on. However, the beauty and elegance of a fine Timepiece is not so easily forgotten.

(Dubai, March 19th 2015)


Editor: Tariq Malik. Co-Founder and Managing Director, Momentum 

A native of Aachen, Germany, who now calls Dubai his home, Tariq Malik is the time connoisseur who introduced the UAE to the first luxury vintage watch store, Momentum.

He began his journey as a collector in the early 90s, and later travelled the world to find exquisite and limited-edition timepieces. His journey brought him to Dubai; where he set up Momentum to share his passion for the world of horology, along with over twenty years of knowledge, with the region’s watch enthusiasts.

Momentum is specialized in the trading and preservation of vintage & classic timepieces; embracing the philosophy that knowledge is what makes a great watch collector. Momentum dedicated to sharing this knowledge, while fostering close relationships, and providing a unique experience for high-end watch collectors.

Momentum is located in The Gate Building, Marble Walk, Level B1
Dubai International Financial Center.


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