Watchville and Hodinkee Merge – Exciting Times!

Keeping up to date with the latest in fine watchmaking can easily turn into a bit of an obsession. It can also consume far too much valuable time, if you are passionate about the subject. Fortunately, for those of us who spend countless hours online, scouring the web for the latest and the best in horology, things just became a little easier.

June 11th was an important day for two of the biggest online names in the watch world – Hodinkee and Watchville who announced their merge.  If you’re a diehard enthusiast of all things horological, like me, then this is indeed big news.

Hodinkee has come to be well-known amongst watch lovers since 2008 as a source of top-flight watch photography, and reviews and news about the trends and movements in the watch industry. The name was inspired by the Czech word “hodinky” which means “little watch”, and the site continues to be a well-informed yet casual and accessible source of insight into watches of all kinds. Their specialty is in taking rare and beautiful watches on a bit of an adventure – so to speak – while maintaining an educated and insightful edge.



The site is a goldmine for the new watch enthusiast, and includes the ‘Watch 101’ section, an introduction to all the most important concepts and terminology related to the intricate world of watchmaking. Seasoned enthusiasts can find in-depth information on their favorite watches too. For me this has been a ‘go-to’ resource over the years, and I am looking forward to their new direction.

The head of the company, Benjamin Clymer, explained what the merge will mean in his recent announcement: “All of us will now work together to bring more watch information to more people, with the goal of empowering the consumer first and foremost.” The high quality content will be getting a tech upgrade, and some new inspiration, becoming the net’s biggest watch information resource.

With a significant $3.6 million boost from a group of investors, including True Ventures, Google Ventures and musician John Mayer (a huge watch enthusiast, by the way), the new Hodinkee, Inc is set to make a big splash online.

Joining them from Watchville is Kevin Rose, freshly appointed as CEO of the new venture. Rose made his name in Silicon Valley as an online startup entrepreneur with Digg, a popular link-sharing message board. His tech experience will provide new avenues and fresh opportunities for the partnership, and in turn Watchville will benefit from Hodinkee’s trusted name and readership.


Rose developed Watchville after he inherited his father’s rare timepiece, and like many of us, became hooked on the intricate world of watchmaking. The app draws news from forums around the net - the perfect solution for those of us who are a little obsessed with researching watches.

Rose is set to relocate from Silicon Valley to the Hodinkee HQ in Manhattan, where he will head the crack team of watch gurus and tech experts. Watch enthusiasts from all around the net are eager to see them roll out their master plan.

With the merger, Hodinkee will be catapulted to the next level. Kevin Rose commented: “I'll be focused on using technology to build products to help you enjoy that content on a variety of devices. Along with some upcoming products that reimagine certain aspects of the watch industry. Exciting times!”




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