Do I Really Need a Watch Winder?

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If you own more than one watch you’ve probably found yourself in this situation: say you’d really like to wear a certain piece for the day, but as you pick It up from its box or the safe, you realize it has stopped some days ago. Maybe you’re in a hurry, maybe the watch is too complex to set, and you just end up wearing a different one. Such a shame, right? So how could you prevent this situation?

Rolex Daytona Patrizzi Rolex Day Date

The solution is quite obvious, and you have probably figured it out already: always keep your watches running. With hand-wound calibers, the only thing you can do is to spin the crown manually every couple of days. But when it comes to automatic watches, luck is on your side: indeed, it’s enough to place them into a device that keeps the rotor in motion, a so-called “watch winder”.

Rolex Daytona Patrizzi Winder

Specifically designed to keep the rotor in constant motion, a watch winder is the perfect accessory for watch collectors and enthusiasts alike: never again will you leave a timepiece down because its calendar remained behind.

Rolex Datejust Winder

And, besides the appealing convenience of having all your favourite timekeepers readily available at any given time, is there any other reason to prevent watches from stopping? The answer is straightforward: yes.

Rolex Day Date Franck Muller Perpetual Calendar Winder

But how so? Like the engine of a car, a watch movement consists of gears, levers, springs and pinions engaged in a flawless motion. If this motion stops, and the whole mechanism remains still for a long time, the lubricants dry; and when the watch is wound again, the friction could be strong enough to cause permanent damage to the movement.

Rolex Submariner Watch WInder

We’re talking, of course, of the worst-case scenario: two or three days of stillness have virtually no effect on the lubricants; the only issue, in that case, would be the calendar remaining still. But also setting the watch through a corrector pin, however possible, is not something the movement will thank you for: the levers and springs inside the watch are designed to be gradually loaded, and the pressure applied in a sudden correction will weaken them in the long run.

Franck Muller Casablanca Perpetual Calendar Winder

Think about how many parameters need to be adjusted when a perpetual calendar stops? It's definitely a pretty scary outcome, and certainly not an impossible one…

Momentum Watch Winders

If, at this point, you feel the need for a winder, you can head to our online shop: you’ll find our range of watch winders, from the smallest one-watch version to the big eight-pieces one.

Watch Winder Momentum

They are all united by the same elegant and sleek design, with a polished wood body and a glass front panel, allowing you to enjoy all your timepieces at one glance. The integrated LEDs highlight the watches as they quietly keep running, ready to be worn without the fuss of setting the hours and calendar.

Momentum Watch Winder

Whether you are a one-watch person, or have a big and expanding collection, we have you covered: enjoying your automatic watches will be more pleasant than ever!

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