Preserving Time: The Art of Fine Watch Maintenance

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Nestled within Dubai International Financial Centre's vibrant financial core, Momentum is a horological haven where timepieces steal the spotlight. Each wristwatch, a microcosm of art and engineering, tells a captivating tale, blending history and innovation. Whether contemporary Swiss marvels or vintage treasures, these watches possess emotional and financial significance. Like cherished classic cars or rare artworks, they demand specialized care. That’s where Momentum steps in.

Why Regular Watch Maintenance is Essential

Owning a Ferrari Testarossa, an iconic 1980s masterpiece, is like possessing automotive history. Like this classic car, luxury watches are intricate works of art. Just as expert engineers and meticulous mechanics craft high-performance engines, our watches contain hundreds of microscopic components working in perfect harmony, turning energy into time. This mechanical heart captivates watch enthusiasts.

Preserving Quality and Value

Watches, intricate works of art, require meticulous care to maintain their quality. Factors like water exposure, extreme temperatures, shocks, dust, wear, and chemicals can impact the movement accuracy, gaskets resistance and the overall performance. When we invest in a watch, we are creating a bond with our asset. We wear it, we look at it, we fall in love with it, sleeping peacefully knowing that we have made a good choice. But unlike a bond passively held on a trading app, a tangible asset like a watch needs the proper care to last forever. Just as you wouldn't neglect a Ferrari Testarossa in a damp garage or skip oil changes, watches need regular maintenance to preserve their quality and value, regardless of how often they're worn. From the initial advisory stage, extending to routine maintenance and extraordinary repairs, the Momentum team offers a comprehensive suite of services to manage an asset that has become increasingly prominent in portfolio diversification.

Common Actions for Proper Watch Care

So, you have acquired a watch—perhaps a diving watch designed to withstand the depths of the ocean or a chronograph that's your trusty companion on every adventure. These watches come with their own unique needs, and as their owner, it's your job to keep them in top shape.

Pressure testing and Gasket replacement

Imagine standing on a Greek island's sunlit shore, ready to dive into the azure Aegean Sea. The inviting water beckons, but before jumping in, your dive watch comes to mind. When was the last time you did a proper water-resistance test? The main element in maintaining water resistance is the integrity of the gaskets, small but fundamental, which create a protective barrier around vulnerable points of the watch, such as the crown, the case back and the pushers. Over time, however, the seals can deteriorate or dry out, compromising the watch's water resistance and endangering its survival. At Momentum, we prioritize routine gasket checks and water pressure tests to maintain your watch's water resistance. Our precise instruments guarantee your watch's health, from home showers to Mediterranean beaches.

Cleaning and Polishing

We use a meticulous, multi-faceted approach for cleaning and polishing watches. It starts with ultrasonic cleaning, which uses high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt and contaminants from every nook and cranny of the watch components. Then, in case you need to bring your watch case or bracelet to their former glory, a polishing process revitalizes the case, eliminating surface scratches while preserving the original angles and edges can be carried out. Finally, for deeper dents, we employ specialized techniques that involve filling scratches with molten metal to ensure a flawless, authentic appearance and its original allure.

Indulge Your Timepiece: Momentum's 'Watch Spa' Service

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? Imagine if your watch could enjoy a moment just for itself – getting pampered, ensuring it looks its absolute best for every occasion. During the Spa session, the watch will undergo six individual stages designed to bring it back to its former splendor. It will be disassembled, every single piece will be cleaned, and reassembled using precision techniques, including ultrasonic and steam cleaning, gasket replacement, and a final pressure test for water resistance. Whatever you have to get the watch ready for a trip, or you want to treat your watch while you’re away, we got you covered.

Caring for Vintage and Heirloom Watches

Vintage and heirloom watches hold stories of the past, each a unique time capsule with sentimental value. These timepieces are more than instruments; they're windows into history. Preserving them requires experts who know their specific characteristics and complexities, their strengths and weaknesses. Dealing with extremely rare and special watches for over 12 years, we have developed a strong sensibility and expertise in how to handle the most exceptional and fragile pieces in the world.

Momentum Dubai – Your One-Stop Solution

More than a boutique, it's a commitment to preserving watchmaking art and safeguarding your investments. Our skilled watchmakers, experts in modern and vintage timepieces, use original components from manufacturers. Amid Dubai's frenetic pace, we are the only store offer seamless pick-up and delivery services, ensuring your watches' safety and convenience. Check our services and read more here

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