Beyond the Tag: Five Iconic Watches Under $10,000

Hey there, fellow watch enthusiast! You’ve done your research, read all the articles you could find and now you’re ready to begin the hunt to get your watch collection started.

Starting a watch collection doesn't need to break the bank. It's about finding watches that offer great value at the correct price point. Despite the belief that iconic timepieces come with hefty price tags, we're here to make your journey into watch collecting as smooth as a Sunday drive.Rolex Datejust HalliburtonConsider this either an exclusive entry ticket to the magic world of watch collecting or friendly advice on adding seriously cool pieces to your existing collection without breaking the bank. It's not just about watches; it's about owning wearable stories, artful pieces, and a touch of elegance—all under the $10,000 umbrella.

So, buckle up: we're about to reveal a handpicked selection of 5 iconic watches that not only could complements your style but also fits right into that sweet spot where affordability meets fun.

Piaget Tank in White Gold Ref. 9151 - A Classy Daily Wearer

Piaget: a name synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Famous for its funky yet classic shaped cases, Piaget became famous among collectors thanks to the multitude of materials and finishings used for its watches. Piaget Tank White GoldThis vintage Ref.9151 is boasting a pristine white gold case adorned with exquisite hobnail decoration. This slim, well-preserved case radiates elegance and can fit in any situation, whether you’re looking for a dress watch, or a classic one to wear with your favorite hoody. The sapphire cabochon present on the crown is adding a touch of sophistication, while the engravings and hallmarks remain crisp and fully intact.Piaget Tank White GoldThat's the allure of the Piaget Tank, and this Ref. 9151 with a classy white dial featuring Roman numerals and blue hands is the perfect choice to start your collection in style.

Horology icon, Piaget, historical relevance… anything missing? Check it out here.

Breitling Navitimer Algerian Air Force - Uniquely Assigned

When in 1952 the leadership of the US Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) wanted an exclusive and innovative chronograph, they chose one of the greatest watchmakers of the time, who was also the father of the two-pusher chronograph: Willy Breitling. The watch, named “Navitimer” from the fusion of navigator and timer, was completed in 1954 and immediately won over AOPA members and pilots worldwide, who recognized it as the non plus ultra.Breitling Historical advBreitling's Navitimer is an undisputed legend, and this quartz Algerian Air Force assigned edition adds a unique twist to its legacy. Commissioned in the 1980s, this original military assigned watch is an utterly rare find. Breitling Navitimer Algerian Air ForceDespite its deployment, this watch looks like it was not worn a lot.  The case and bracelet remain remarkably well-preserved, offering enthusiasts a chance to own a rare piece of history and enter the “assigned watch” collector’s club with a rare piece and, very important, without breaking the bank. Make it yours by clicking here.

Hamilton Asymmetric Ref. K475 - A Conversation Starter

If you're tired of the same old watches on every wrist, this Hamilton Asymmetric 10K Gold Filled Ref. K475 is your answer. This mechanical masterpiece from the '60s stands out with its asymmetrical design and cross-hatch finished lugs. Hamilton Vintage WatchOnly produced from 1960-1961, this Hamilton gem, priced at a hefty $100 back in the day (for reference, a Daytona was $200), offers a unique blend of history and style. A true icon of American watchmaking: it's not just a watch, it's a piece of wristwear art that won’t break the bank and is sure to attract many watch enthusiasts in the radius of several miles! Check it out here.

1981 Rolex Datejust 'Halliburton' Ref. 16013 - Unconventional Twist

Perhaps you want a more “conventional looking” watch, and the Rolex Datejust is the perfect choice, it makes sense. But still, you want YOUR watch to be a little different… here’s the answer: this 1981 Rolex Datejust 'Halliburton' Ref. 16013. Rolex Datejust Steel Gold HalliburtonCommissioned in the 1980s for the multinational corporation Halliburton, one of the world’s biggest oil exploitation company with presence in over 120 countries, this rare timepiece is a blend of conventional elegance and corporate flair. The watch is preserved in great condition and the Halliburton logo provides that little discreet extra twist.

And yes, you can have a rare, customized, precious metal Rolex for well under $10k. Buy it here.

NOS Rolex Oysterquartz Ref. 17000 - The Secret is Inside

Maybe you want your unconventional Rolex to look conventional for the uninitiated and keep the secret… on the inside? Look no further than this 1980 Rolex Oysterquartz Silver dial Ref. 17000 in like-new conditions.Rolex OysterquarzThis timepiece is not your average Rolex—it's a rebel with a cause. When Rolex decided to dive into the quartz world, they didn't just follow the crowd; they crafted something special: a mechanical-quartz hybrid, robust and decorated movement (a rare find from Rolex, trust us!), and used one of the earliest examples of sapphire crystal on the market. It's like Rolex decided to throw THE party and invited all the coolest persons he knew: decorated mech-quartz movement and sapphire glass, for instance.Rolex Oysterquartz sticker case backThis specific 1980 Rolex Oysterquartz, Ref. 17000, is not just a piece of horological history; it's a time capsule watch in mint condition (we’re talking sticker-on-the-back conditions). Want to keep the unconventional charm a secret for those ‘who-don’t-know’? This Oysterquartz is your go-to. It's not just a watch; it's a nod to Rolex's rebellious side. Buy it online using this link.

Momentum Collection 

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You still want to know more on how to start your collecting journey? Read here the five rules to make your vintage watches trip hassle-free.

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