Five Timeless Watches to Make Your Valentine's Day Unforgettable

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In the world of fashion and all things fancy, ladies watches are like the timeless accessory that never go out of style. They're not just about telling time; they embody charm and elegance, special jewels to adorn a fine lady’s wrist. And with Valentine's Day around the corner, everyone is on the lookout for that perfect gift.

Gifting watches is not a new concept, but have you ever considered combining a gift with a collectible piece? The answer lies in watches with a story to tell — a blend of heritage and style that will truly stand out on the wrist of your beloved one.

Let's take a stroll through the glamorous vintage and check out five of watches that we have selected to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

The Ladies’ Favorite: 1970's Cartier Ladies Baignoire 18K Gold Ref. 7829Cartier Baignoire Lady Yellow Gold

“The King of Jewelers, the Jewelers of Kings”: Cartier. Step back in time to the glamorous 1970s with the Cartier Ladies Baignoire 18K Gold Ref. 7829. This specific vintage beauty features a fascinating stepped 18K gold case and a classy Milanaise bracelet with an invisible clasp. The silverish off-white dial conceals a secret Cartier signature at 7: a true collector's gem. Cartier Baignoire Gold Box PapersPreserved impeccably, this watch comes as a complete set with its original box and warranty booklet from 1985, offering a very rare chance to own a vintage masterpiece to its fullest.

Explore this vintage Cartier Baignoire here.

A modern twist: 1980's Cartier Ladies Baignoire Stainless Steel and Gold Ref. 8057Cartier Ladies Baignoire gold Ref. 8057

It is no coincidence that Cartier recently reintroduced this model back into the catalogue. Rediscover the elegance of the 1980s with the Cartier Ladies Baignoire Stainless Steel and Gold Ref. 8057. This classic timepiece features an 18K gold case with a large round bezel and the most beautiful creamy off-white dial adorned with Roman numerals. Cartier Baignoire Steel Gold LadyThe unique two-tone bracelet? Complemented by a Butterfly folding clasp, adds an undisputed touch of sophistication that’s difficult to beat. Remarkably well-preserved, this watch showcases the enduring style of Cartier, standing the test of more than 35 years. No doubts.

Uncover the allure of this 1980s Cartier Baignoire here.

Understated Luxury: 1985 Patek Philippe Nautilus Ladies Stainless Steel and Gold Ref. 4700/1Patek Philippe Ladies Nautilus

Let’s step into the world of Patek Philippe with this nice Nautilus Ladies Stainless Steel and Gold Ref. 4700/1. This quartz-powered gem, measuring a graceful 27mm, represents the last reference in its size class. Patek Philippe Nautilus LadyThe vintage charm is accentuated by the old-style bracelet with small links, a distinguishing feature from its modern counterparts. Professionally polished to perfection, this Patek Philippe Nautilus is ready to be a daily companion or grace special evening occasions, with its understated luxury charm.

Discover more about the elegance of this Patek Philippe Nautilus here.

 Subtle Sophistication: 1954 Rolex Ladies Cocktail Watch 14K Ref. 3277Rolex Lady Cocktail Watch

We could not forget to bring a Rolex to the table… and what a Rolex! After seventy years, this discrete Rolex Ladies Cocktail Watch Ref. 3277 in 14kt gold exudes a natural elegance without clamoring for attention.Rolex Cocktail Watch A sapient encounter of watch and jewel, it whispers luxury from a bygone era where craftsmanship and subtlety reigned supreme. For those who appreciate discreet sophistication, this Rolex Cocktail Watch is the perfect embodiment of timeless charm.

Discover the discreet elegance of this vintage gem here.

Peach Fuzz Lover? 1970's Piaget Ladies Rare Pink Dial Ref. 9742Piaget Peach Fuzz Dial

Trying to explain this watch with words isn't fair: words fall short in describing the dynamic dance of the sunburst copper pink dial of this 1970s Piaget Ref. 9742. For those who love following trends, we are sure you are well aware that 'Peach Fuzz' is the color of the year. Well, try exposing this watch to the sunlight, and you will immediately reveal the most sought-after color for a watch dial. Piaget Peach Fuzz DialPaired with Piaget's renowned word-class thinness, this watch is an undisputed symphony of beauty and elegance. Much like love, attempting to capture its true essence in words is an elusive endeavor. Some things are better experienced, and this Piaget timepiece is no exception.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Piaget here.Cartier Baignoire Steel GoldThese aren't just timekeepers; they're time capsules with stories to tell. We've dived into the past, unraveled the tales behind these beauties, and what a ride it's been. In a world of fast trends, these watches are your companions, standing out with that classic charm.

So, this Valentine's Day, pick a gift that's more than just a moment; it's a piece of timeless style.

Need an extra push to fall in love with one of these vintage gems? Read here how to start collecting vintage or visit our Boutique to try on your favorite pieces and speak with our specialists. Watches tell stories: it’s now time for them to tell yours.

The leather boxes featured on the pictures are the result of a collaboration with JP Menicucci and will be available for sale online and in our boutique from February 12th. 


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